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Johnny Pemberton is a comedian, actor, writer, mildly knowledgeable gardener, reggae enthusiast, and friend to both insects and mammals.

He is the voice of ‘Peanut’ on the Disney XD program “PICKLE AND PEANUT” which begins it 2nd season October 2017. He can be seen in the films “21 JUMP STREET” “22 JUMP STREET” “NEIGHBORS 2” “THE WATCH” “ANT MAN” “BAND OF ROBBERS” “THE 4th” Armando Ianucci’s Oscar nominated film "IN THE LOOP" and the upcomingParamount feature "ACTION POINT" alongside Johnny Knoxville - premiering March 21st.

On Television he plays 'Bo' on NBC’s "Superstore", 'Max' on season 4 of FXX's "You're the Worst" and played "Alangulon, Son of Zorn" on the FOX series “Son of Zorn” produced by Lord & Miller. He can bee  Johnny is a nationally touring comedian and host of the vanguard podcast “LIVE to TAPE” on Feral Audio. Johnny attended Florida State University. He was born and raised in Rochester Minnesota. He lives in Los Angeles.




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